Friday, September 11, 2009

Mexicali Mocha Latte

I don't know that this really constitutes a recipe, but it is definitely an idea worth sharing. About 12 years ago I went on a trip to LA. While there I had something called Mexicali Mocha. It was a spiced hot chocolate that was TO DIE FOR. I have never been able to replicate the exact drink or find it anywhere, but this is a quick and easy substitute that comes very close:

Abuelita can be found on the international foods aisle. It's pretty good by itself, but it helps to make a great flavored coffee, which appeals more to me these days. All you do do is put the packet of Abuelita into a coffee mug and then fill it up with strong coffee. Stir and enjoy. Perfect for the cool Autumn evenings that are just around the corner. You could be really fancy and top with Ready Whip and a dash of cinnamon.

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  1. Oh yummy! I just ordered my free sample of this. now i am really excited to try it! If you haven't ordered your free sample, I have the link on my blog. HERE is a direct link to it....